Candid helps businesses solve their content problems quickly and cost-effectively. With more and more platforms popping up, demanding content - keeping up with the consumers demand for novel content can be costly. That is why creating original content for the price of a stock photo is so valuable. And thankfully, you’re here to help.

The role of Brand Coordinator at Candid is all-encompassing and requires a true self starter with an operationally-minded level of organization. You’re part influencer liaison, part networker, part day-to-day coordinator. In addition, you will contribute to the creative energy of the office and our Brands. The main function of the role revolves around managing Campaigns and Brands, and executing on their needs. Other tasks focus on identifying new campaign opportunities within your Brands, curating and growing our network of Creators, and working closely with the Program Manager on the various needs that help our business tick. You will also take part in the development and refinement of our proprietary platform.

The perfect person for this role is someone defined by their curiosity, attention to detail, solid taste, and tenacity to get the job done. Frustrating things happen all the time when it comes to distributed content - someone not hitting the brief or missing a deadline can’t deter you. The world is your oyster in this role and the growth opportunities are limited only by your ideas for the business itself.

About Candid

Candid is a distributed content creation platform. We help brands create original content for the price of a stock photo through the use of nano/micro Creators on Instagram. Our business is a blend between the agency model and a SaaS business. Combining the service and taste of a creative agency, with the ease and automation of an online platform.

Daily Tasks & Requirements

  • Success in this role is directly measured by:
    • The ability to communicate clearly between Brands and Creators, helping pick the right partners for each project.
    • Campaign retention; return Brands booking multiple projects with Candid
    • The ability to help Candid win meaningful business through a continued advancement of top tier work.
    • The ability to excel as the primary point of contact for day-to-day communications with Brands, synthesizing their needs and relating that information to the team of creators.
    • The ability to oversee a docket of multiple Campaigns at once, creating & maintaining both timelines and budgets for the projects that you coordinate. You are the one who keeps things moving, and if things stop moving...that’s on you too.

  • Throughout the day you will:
    • Operate our platform & manage campaigns assigned to you, field incoming campaign requests, review creator applications, and more.
    • Curate and source new creators to become a part of our global network
    • Get the ‘buy-in’ of new (and existing) brands to the platform, locking them into new campaigns and services.
    • Develop proposals and contracts for new campaigns and Brands.
    • Function as the main point of contact for the client on all projects which are your responsibility. Managing the relationship, expectations, and reputation of Candid.
    • Maintain timelines + budgets + deliverables on your projects.
    • Be both a defender of the Brand’s POV, as well as a champion for your content creator’s vision. You know these projects better than anyone else, and it’s up to you to know when to toe the line or to pushback on feedback.
    • Curate and define the direction for campaigns with our brands and Brands; collaborating with them on the refinement of their creative briefs and needs.
    • Identify and secure creators for campaigns; communicate and negotiate terms and brief them on new projects.
    • Review and approve submitted content (images and video) from creators before client review and approvals; identify opportunities for improvement or refinement.

  • Qualifications:
    • Genuine interest in lifestyle brands, how they communicate their message, and position themselves in the market.
    • Highly comfortable in clienteling & customer service.
    • Ability to manage a team of creative freelancers (content creators, influencers, ect.)
    • Curiosity in content and influencer marketing.
    • Outside of the box thinker.
    • Great communication skills, both written and verbal.
    • Ability to liaise directly with Brands; strong understanding of client relations.
    • Must be (very) organized.
    • Excellent time management and follow-up skills.
    • Ability to manage and motivate content creators & influencers.
    • Exceptional problem-solving abilities and a figure-it-out mentality.
    • Proficient in Mac products (Keynote, Pages, Microsoft Office, etc.)
    • Ability to work as a team, but also independently and self-directed.
    • Ability to manage multiple projects and remain flexible.
    • Top notch eye for detail.
    • Keen design sensibility + aesthetic.
    • Knack for remembering things even when a Google Alert isn’t pinging you about it.
    • At least 2 years experience as a Brand Coordinator or relevant position.


DOE; Full Time.


Flexible vacation and paid time off.

Bonus Package

Bonuses are paid out annually based on employee and company performance. Bonuses are issued based on a rise of performance of work and are taxable. Bonuses are issued on/around Dec 31 annually, and not guaranteed. Bonus payments will range from one week to one months salary.


Commissions are paid out on any new Campaigns brought in to the Company. Commissions are 1% of total net revenue of Campaign.


  • 4pm Fridays! Early office closure and team happy hour.
  • Health care: health, dental & vision; offered after 3 months of employment. 50/50 corporate matching.
  • Company cell phone (expensed monthly).
  • Gas or mileage reimbursement as relevant.
  • Travel expenses covered: flight, accommodations & meals/expenses as relevant.