You’re a problem solver by nature. You feel passionately about the development of both the business you’re in, and the business you want to grow into. It’s not just about hitting sales targets (well, it kinda is), but it’s about building something bigger than all of us.

The role of Business Development Manager is pivotal for Candid. You are the face of what we represent - how we speak, act and present ourselves. You wax poetic on our platform, tools and services and leave prospective Brands itching for more. Not only do they want to give you their business, but they want to grab a beer with you as well. You can interface one-on-one as well as you can come up with strategy for passive sales online. We are getting ourselves a biz dev manager who can do both.

At the core, you’re eager to watch the Company and all of it’s Brands succeed. You want to have a part in the big shifts that shape a business, and watch it scale. You see the long game and are focusing equally on things that grow the business now, and the things that will grow it down the road.

Additionally, you can contribute to the creative energy of the office and our clients; a networker, connector and idea generator. You’re interested in more than just the four walls of your job role.

Not only do we look to our team to deliver solid, consistent and faultless service, but also have the ability to accomplish and respond quickly, yet thoughtfully to tasks and demands all while participating in a fun, exciting environment. Strategic planning and impressive organization is a critical component of this role.

About Candid

Candid provides branded content for the price of a stock photo. Our proprietary platform and international Creator community enable some of the world's leading brands to create content at a quality, pace and price that supports the high demand of today's digital landscape. We are pioneering the idea of PGC (purposefully generated content) and playing in the realm of content that is new and next.

Daily Tasks & Requirements

  • Success in this role is directly measured by:
    • The ability to help the company win meaningful business while focusing on clear and targeted growth in overall revenue for Company, meeting or exceeding target revenues.
    • Always pitching, meeting, closing, and farming brands. We should always have projects in each part of the sales funnel.
    • Someone’s consistent evolution in the way we present our business, and how we work with brands to help them solve their creative problems.
    • Growth - not just in revenue numbers - but in strategy and approach as well.
    • Hitting 120-day, and 1-year revenue targets.
    • Ability to translate a complex product to different types of needs

  • Throughout the day you will:
    • Research and identify key players and companies that are well aligned with company services; build and manage sales and outreach documents, both for cold and warm leads.
    • Prospecting and qualifying new business for company, employing a strategic and creative ‘selling’ approach
    • Identify the need for and manage the creation of new case studies or decks to support new business outreach.
    • Balance both one-off project sales as well as enterprise level account deals
    • Establish and cultivate relationships with target brands and agencies
    • Develop proposals for all prospective Brands
    • Manage all negotiations around budget and scope for prospective clients
    • Manage all incoming new business requests within a timely manner (less than 24 hours), including leading all introductory calls and meetings
    • Work alongside Founders on the overall development of the business and it’s verticals, assessing how we improve operationally to garner better business and scale
    • Ideation and introduction of ideas for new verticals that would be beneficial for the business.
    • Development of contracts and SOWs for any and all business garnered
    • Maintain knowledge of company services and team capabilities
    • Lead all internal onboarding for new Campaigns within team: rallying behind the new project, informing them of every bit of detail they should know, and ensuring all brand assets and documents have been compiled and shared
    • Lead all kick-off meetings with new enterprise-level Brands and key stakeholders from within company
    • Work with the Finance team on new client onboarding from a financial perspective, managing payment schedules, client information and deliverables
    • Travel as necessary to support business objectives, pitches and the like

  • Qualifications:
    • Experience in pitching and business development
    • Great communication skills, both written and orally
    • Ability to liaise direct with clients; strong understanding of client relations
    • Must be organized
    • Proficient in Google Suite, Trello, Asana or any scheduling software tools
    • Proficient in Mac products (Keynote, Pages, Microsoft Office, etc.)
    • Ability to work as a team, but also independently and self-directed
    • Ability to manage multiple projects and remain flexible
    • Top notch eye for detail
    • Keen design sensibility + aesthetic


Based on Experience; Supplemented by Commissions; Full Time


Flexible vacation and paid time off.

Bonus Package

Bonuses are paid out annually based on employee and company performance. Bonuses are issued based on a rise of performance of work and are taxable. Bonuses are issued on/around Dec 31 annually, and not guaranteed. Bonus payments will range from one week to one months salary.


Commissions are paid out on any new business brought into the company by the employee on a quarterly basis.


  • 4pm Fridays! Early office closure and team happy hour.
  • Annual team trip (two nights, three days)
  • Health care: health, dental & vision; offered after 3 months of employment.
  • Company cell phone (expensed monthly)
  • Corporate credit card for production expenses and client billings
  • Gas / mileage reimbursement as relevant
  • Education stipend: $75/month (expensed as relevant)
  • Travel expenses covered as required: flight, accommodations & meals/expenses