How It Works

It's simple.

We offer several packages for engaging with our creators, determined by your content needs, quantities, usage and amplification. Our 4-step process for assessing your needs guides your package type, and underlying costs. From here, we execute on everything. No tech, all real people cultivating relationships with real people.


Step 1

Determine Asset Needs

Assess how many photos, videos and illustrations you're in need of. From 50-300 unique pieces of content and beyond, we will define the right amount of creators you need.



Assign Usage & Rights

There are two types of creative rights you can select from: Full digital rights (web, social, email) and Unlimited In-Perpetuity rights (use wherever you like, outside of outdoor or out-of-home advertising).


Step 3

Opt for Influence

Lastly, you can negotiate any integrated reach of your content creation. We will align your project with creators who feature an audience of at least 10,000 followers, and ensure that they post at least one photo they captured for your project or campaign. We will align your project with creators who will post selected images of your brand on their channel, on top of the content they are providing you.