Case Study No.1


HealthAde is one of the leading kombucha brands in the market, with a huge digital presence in the the health and wellness space. But because they have this niche demographic tapped, we worked with them to target a different consumer; think the creator, the innovator, the artist, the designer.

The goal? To amplify their digital presence with more lifestyle content around the brand, ultimately showing HealthAde is for everyone, not just the foodies we see on Instagram. By working with a bevvy of unique creator talent across the board, we were able to help achieve this, and more.



Key Highlights

  • We aggregated 70+ images for use across social, email & web (full digital usage) from 14 creators. 
  • 50K+ Total Reach on top of content creation (organic posting from creator talent) 
  • 7% engagement across HealthAde content on creator channels; with 4,000+ total engagements 

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